When you are a parent, you are always concerned with the best interests of your child. When you have a child with a disability, a whole new world of concerns opens up. While your child’s school may purport to have his or her best interests in mind, communications can break down and your child may be left in the shadows.

Tiffany Farber is an Illinois licensed attorney who is dedicated to representing parents of children with disabilities in special education matters. Tiffany provides representation through advocacy at school meetings such as IEP and disciplinary meetings, 504 meetings, mediations, prehearing conferences and due process hearings. Tiffany believes that each child deserves a free appropriate public education, and she is committed to helping your child receive one. Tiffany also provides referrals to professionals in the medical community, therapists and other advocates.

Tiffany also operates a general law practice providing estate planning services such as guardianship of adults and minors, powers of attorney, simple wills and real estate transactions.


Do you know your child’s rights? I do.

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